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16x28 Steel Art

16x28 Steel Art

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Price: $199.99

Our 16x28 pieces make amazing displays for businesses, interior signage, or as large artistic display pieces! With our amazing patented high-definition engraving process, we can make the most amazingly detailed masterpieces sure enough to drop jaws.

At a whopping 28x16, these are huge artistic masterpieces for the most upscale impression. You will own the most amazing conversation-starter and keepsake you and your friends have ever known. If you want the gift that will be cherished for the rest of someones life, this is it.

Sample uses:

  • Ultra high-definition (weve done 25MB+ photos!) of city skylines and stadiums
  • Color powder-coated artistic designs (the Scarface piece has the entire movie script as Tony Montanas body, how cool is that?)
  • Business signage
  • Family reunion photos- given a high definition photo, you will be able to see each family member more vividly than on many individual, closeup photos!

Remember: these glow in the dark, so imagine how cool these look mounted near windows or even over a fireplace.

To start designing your Steel Wall Art, click on the Start Customizing button. When you finish customizing, youll return back to choose your size and "Add to Cart"

NOTE: If you want high definition photos, do not add a color background to your plate- this will apply to 99% of orders. If you would like a color background, only choose basic text, logos and/or clipart: this will apply for signage orders, some awards, and other rare situations. Thanks!

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